5 11 2009

Just a quick Post to inform you all, that my Blog is moved to a self-hosted System. I have yet to get a proper Domain, but for now it’s running at

Thanks for bearing with me!

New Posts to follow soon!


Good Things in London – A Recap!

2 11 2009

well well, here i am, sharing my Thoughts from the Trip that recently went down – WOM World Nokia and 10 selected Bloggers/Personalities from the Nokia Scene from all over the World, our Mission? Finding the good Things in London! My Trip started REALLY early this Thursday Morning, it was 3.10 am when my Alarm Clock woke me up! i Unplugged all my Chargers from the Phones that went with me and off i was. Arriving at 4.30 at the U-Train Station, and the Sign welcomed me with a “No Traffic – Use the Bus” Sign. Vienna had a big Water Pipe Damage a Day before and over the Night, Water started to poor in the U-Train Tunnels – what a Start! Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to the Thoughts from Hell!

1 11 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to my new Blog, Thoughts from Hell!


I’m Michael Hell, residing in Austria, Europe! Some of you might know me as MichaelSF, former Co-Admin of Symbian Freak Forums or xMichaelSFx on Twitter! I did some intense thinking about my Future (internet-related, personally i still know i’ll rule the World someday :lol:) the last Couple of Weeks. I didnt really keep as a Secret that Symbian just did not cut it anymore for me, as well as Nokia’s Phones. The N97 has proven to be a Failure, which also led me to not only change my Provider, but also change Phone Model and OS. Read the rest of this entry »